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Welcome the Fractal Aspect Component (FAC) project!

FAC is an extension of the Fractal component model to support AOP. It is built as an unification of Component-Based Software Development (CBSD) and Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD). A discussion on why there is a need for an unification of CBSD and AOSD can be found in this page.

By unifiying components and aspects, no disctinction is made between the behavior of an aspect and a plain component. As a result, only a new composition mechanism is introduced to support aspect-oriented composition. This aspect composition is realized by an aspect connector in Fractal. The aspect connector is composed of several concepts wich we detail in the overview of FAC.

From an architectural point of view, and with the help of Fractal ADL, FAC advocates the multidimensional decomposition of concerns with components. FAC allows to each concern, crosscutting or not, to be represented as a plain component. Then, whether the concern is crosscutting or not w.r.t. other components, an aspect connector or a regular component binding is employed.

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This work is conducted in the context of the framework program between INRIA and France Telecom R&D, and is partially funded by France Telecom under the external research contract 46131097.
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